Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Infinite Summer - Uncountable

Obviously I gave up on the blog posts viz. the reading. It was easy on the days that I was reading near a computer but this time through I've been reading on the Iphone Kindle and the bookmarks feature is 'ok' but frankly not great so I've resorted to some brief notes in the notes app marking the kindle location and some nonsense words. The notes are obvioulsy just for me.

I wonder how old you need to be to read the book, I think I am about the same age now as DFW was when he wrote the book and while I don't think there is a mid-life crisis as such there is a sense of grown-upness, maturity and seriousness about what things mean and what is important.

I have read alot of books and this is one of the very few book that affected me, literally spoke to me directly. In a way that is almost uncomfortable but so fantastically good, I honestly can't talk all that much about it.

The remaining notes.


Marathe on USA vulnerable, ashamed re: belief

Gaudemeus Igatur

"How do trite things get to be trite? The truth is not just un but anti interesting"

8596 She wanted only tall cold bottles that spoke of proof

8726 special children's second world of chairlegs and tile that exists under long tablecloths
8833. Lamont chu and fame "The truth will set you free. But not until is is finished with you."

8839 escape from a cage requires awareness of cage

Post storm sad

8851 Lyle tells Blott not to let the weight he would pull to himself exceed his own personal weight.

8867 warm and close

10119 Old fish asking young fish how's the water

10142 Vapider the cliche the sharper canines of truth

He has that rare spinal appreciation for beauty.....those without native words

11319 my fathers mood filled a room

11470 ubrippable fabric

You are what you walk between

14961 clattering bleachers

We are more perceptive re: our lovers family than our own

25171 hot showers and toilets

25317 16s are strange

25493 endnote 337 hamlet graveyard scene

19450 Radiated vulnerability

20400 Black Nurses

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Infinite Summer - 2

So I am nearly caught up to pace. I'll need 60 page or so by the weekend, should be no problem.

I guess I can start adding more thoughts about context once the pace slows for now I've got:

Schitt - "We are what we walk between"

1920 - fn32 ETA motto "They Can Kill You, But the Legalities of Eating you are quite a bit Dicier"

1946 "this diagnate infinity of infinities of choice and execution, mathematically uncontrolled but humany contained, bounded by the talent and imagination of self and opponent, bent in on itself by the containing boundaries of skill and imagination that brought one player finally down, that kept both from winning, that made it, finally, a game, these boundaries of self.

Cantor of tennis....I love this section (not getting the whole math part of course though I did slog it through Everything and More) as it makes me think of basketball...a guy about to make a move has infinite options bounded only himself not as a shape but as a pattern. beautiful blobs of patterns sliding around.

1965 "A U.S. of modern A. where the State is not a team or a code, but a sort of sloppy intersection of desires and fears, where the only public consensus a boy must surrender to is the acknowledged primacy of straight-line pursuing this flat and short-sighted idea of personal happiness."

1963 - "without there is something bigger. Nothing to contain and give meaning. Lonely. Verstiegenheit - FN 36 "wandering alone in blasted disorienting territory beyond all charted limits and orienting markers"

1984 "The true opponenet, the enfolding boundary, is the player himself. Always and only the self out there, on court, to be met, fought, brought to the table to hammer out terms."

Tiny Ewell

Marathe in Tucson (area code 6026?) a tripling or quadrupling agent?

personnes qui on doit ?

Steeply - OUS

Rodney Tine - architect of ONAN, sr. cheif of Unspecified Services

ETA - little things I love like 'waiting for his feet to get dry enough to put on socks'

2334"sometimes he finds out he believes something that he doesnt' even know he believed until it exits his mouth"


Back to Tucson

2532 'make amusement all you wish. But choose with care. You are what you love. No? You are, completely and only what you would die for without, as you say, the thinking twice."

FN FN 304 feral annulaized babies, wheelchair assassins origin and the Endless Kiss game

Big buddies lectures

USS Milicient

Lyle, Yogi w/ sweat : 3031 "He's like a baby. everything he sees hits him and sinks without bubbles."

yrstruly, Poor Tony, smack and its perils

Monday, July 06, 2009

Infinite Summer - 1

The schedule laid out by the organizers is below. I am behind the curve after a disastrous 4th of July trip to Mexico left me near comatose from heat exhaustion and all the reading I got done the Fwd by Dave Eggers.

Hit it hard Monday including re-reading the Fwd and the first week's assignment (something past Kindle location 1530 at the end of part in the hospital).

I should mention here that even though I own the 10 year anniv. edition in paperback I tested and loved the $9.99 kindle edition on the Iphone. The endnotes alone make it worthwhile. I like the Kindle setup so far but the subjective (?) location as opposed to page number thing is annoying.

Here are my notes and some quotes that stuck out. Locations where available:

Foreward -
I should someday read Proust I guess. I suspect it might not be worth the effort but still.

? "Your heart is sturdier"

? "Its long but there are pleasures everywhere. There is humor everywhere."

139 "a thing that will outlast him and you and me, but will help future people understand us - how we felt, how we lived, what we gave to each other and why"

Chapter 1(actually nothing is numbered) Year of Glad

Hal at UofA, flips out taken to the bathroom and the ER. Flashback to eating mold.

215 - "Right and center Deans have inclined together in soft conference, forming a tepee of skin and hair."

303 - "I can picture deLint and White sitting with their elbows on their knees in the defecatory posture of all athletes at rest"

452 - "Not for nothing did Orin say that people outdoors down here just scuttle in vectors from air conditioning to air conditioning. The sun is a hammer."

Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment

Eredy freaking out waiting on pot

690 the whole thing about ideas floating, too long to quote.

1 April Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad

Hal with the professional conversationalist (gotta be Himself)

Entertainment stuck in Himself's brain? and accusations about Moms

9 May Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment

831 "my head is filled with things to say" ... "I don't mind....I could wait forever"

Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment

medical attache (moms connection?) pkg from phx, this can't be Orin I don't think

Year of the Trial Size Dove Bar

Ebonically written Clenette and dem

Bruce Green and MIldred Bonk and Tommy Doocey living in a trailer

Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment

Hal and Mario at night talking about god in sports and the mom's not sad about himself dying "with me so tired my hair hurts"

October Year of the Adult Depend Undergarment

Orin and the awfulness of phx (heat, malevolent plants, sewer roaches), time lapse fetal salt shapes

first howling fantods

1136 'These worst morning with cold floors and hot windows and merciless light - the soul's certainty that the day will have to be not traversed but sort of climbed, vertically and that going to sleep again at the end of it will be like falling again off something tall and sheer"

Interlace of the paranoid re: radioactive fluids being pumped w/ radioactive fluids


1317 Hal gets secretly high, "Like most north Americans of his generation, Hal tends to know way less about why he feels certain ways about the objects and pursuits he's devoted to than he does about the objects and pursuits themselves."

medical attache is stuck on

Autumn - year of the dairy products from the American heartland
- screw the chapter headings, they are meaningless for the notes anyway

Gately w/ the toothbrush and accidentally kills a guy

Troeltsch get sick, fever dreams

The dreams of new kids, face in the floor....'and then you wake like that quivering like a struck drum'

Himself's history (note the Tucson-ness....not particularly meaningful but its where I live so it makes me unnecesarily happy)

The f-ing list of Himself's movies, part slog, part important, part funny

Pemulis w/ little buddies and shroom presentation, dream of unmanageably huge tennis court

Gompert's in the hospital...description of depression after DFW himself's death kinda has me in a funk. That section was hard to read knowing now what we know.

1779 "I've thought sometimes before like the feeling maybe had to do with Hope'

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Infinite Summer - 0

Sergio pointed me to this last week and I couldn't resist. I'm 1/3 of the way through Gravity's Rainbow for like the 3rd time and was making actual progress so this distraction was unwelcome but I am a) a sucker for an interesting challenge and b) a huge-er fan of D. Wallace and Infinite Jest.
Publish Post

IJ is a top 3 book for reasons I guess I'll go into later but reading it the first time was long, incredibly pleasurable and work. Given the ruinous time-sequence, multitude of plots/characters and my unfamiliarity with Quebecois Separatists politics I've always said I'd want to go back and re-read it to put things in order in my brain.

So I am starting a couple of weeks behind but its slow at work right now so I should be able to catchup.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tyler Hansbrough NBA Career - Long Bet

The debate here is if Hansbrough (link) will be an NBA player for more than 4 years. I say no, G$ says yes and so we will begin to track long bets here on the rarely used blog.

G$ has OVER 4 years (any 5 years pays) on an NBA payroll as a player betting 110 to win 100.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Spelling Bee

13 kids 4-6 grades
6 girls
1 black girl, 2 hispanic boys

1 girl crying 10 mins before start

JB in 2nd position

Balcony - 3 down this round

Tutu - tons of giggles, she offered to define and JB says sure, more giggles. 2 more down this round

Hassock (missed the K at the end) 3 others gone in that round

Crier gone in round 1 ghphel for gospel