Monday, February 27, 2006

Beginning Basketball

Basketball is the best sport in the world to play. Adherents for any particular sport will naturally argue for theirs in particular but its no contest that basketball is the best sport in the world to play. I have decided to start writing again to chronicle my return for the game. That sound grandiose of course but as I went shoe shopping today I realized again how much I love basketball. I haven't shot a ball in 6 months and haven't run 10 feet since December. I am about at the lowest point physically I could be so I think it will be a kick to think and write about it as I go through the season.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thoughts from Schaumburg

I have the loudest can of Coke ever, it is sitting here on the desk making such a racket bubbling that I can barely hear the intricate plot twists and turns of the Wedding Crashers. I'll need to rent it again later to catch up, seriously, you miss a minute and you'll never figure it out. Its like Memento without tatoos.

I will admit though that I do find Vaugh, Wilso and Ferrel all pretty funny but this was a turd.