Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vegas Baby -- part 0

Finding my flight delayed now for 2 more hours I thought I would spend the time setting down some thoughts for the trip.

I am heading out today for the final delivery part of main segment of the project I have been running these last months. There are 400 people coming to a conference at Bally's in Las Vegas who need a new application on their computer. For reasons too painful for me to even recall, the best solution finally agreed to was to take a new hard drive for all of these laptops and build it in a configuration center in Illinois and then ship it to Vegas. Once there, each person in the group will arrive and drop off their laptops so that we can pull their old hard drive to replace it with the new one. To get to this point has been a HUGE effort as we encountered all the problems that we were possible and ended up in a huge rush over these last few weeks.

The next several days will be extremely busy making the swaps but if all goes well we should hand the last one back on Wednesday and then get to have a little fun Wednesday night and Thursday. From there I am meeting a group of friends for a bachelor party starting w/ dinner Thursday and etc etc. until I leave on Sunday. Its going to be a long week and if I'm lucky I'll have a few interesting anecdotes along the way.