Monday, October 20, 2008

Larry King Style

  • Found the UA line vs USC is +15, that is very enticing. I'm officially pretend betting 100 virtual dollars. My concerns are numerous but I'll be at the sold out homecoming game screaming my head off as we try to keep a streak of homecoming upsests alive against a top 10 oppenent for first place (?!?!?) in the Pac 10 with my sonand I defy you to name a better thing than that.

    1. Actually 1-25 are variations on: RUN DEFENSE which means time of posession.
    26. Grigsby getting back his confidence
    27. Remembering to throw the ball to Gronkowski on every play.
    28. Jordan Hill foul trouble, I know this isn't football as such but I'm getting an early jump on worrying about this.
  • If you are a nerd you should look at xkcd every day, if you are not a nerd you should still look at it and will probably appreciate 50%.
  • I'm new to the Facebook and I am fascinated by many things but today's headscratcher is the status update feature. The following from a married couple who as far as I can recall do live in the same house...together, you'll notice I cleverly replaced their names with pronouns (or something).

    Husband is finished putting up Halloween decorations.
    11 hours ago

    Wife: at 9:34pm October 19
    and you did a fantastic job :)

    at 9:37pm October 19
    Thanks :)

  • Old people sometimes embarrass themselves through their own bad ideas and sometimes by listening to people around them. I'm glad to know Lute isn't the craziest coach in bball right now. Click the pictures for links and the context is that this is Midnight Madness celebrating the 1979 Final Four run.

  • I'd like to celebrate our 1997 National Championship run with a throwback day where DJ's on Campbell would reopen, wing guy would make me wings, beer guy would pour me beer, my order would be hopelessly screwed up and I could watch the most exciting 3 nights of basketball of all time with good friends.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

El Tour Training Ride #1 9-28-08

Did the El Tour training ride with Chill and GABA on Sunday. I had never ridden in a pack before and it took some getting used to. A big upside was in always having someone to chase and set pace from. I still believe that drafting works but can in no way prove it. If I ride on someone's wheel I spend more time thinking about not crashing into them than riding.

We rode with some people Chill knew and I did what I could to keep up but the Craycroft hill climb dropped me badly. I am still learning about optimum gears to use and I think


Up at 5 to have enough time to get dressed and have time for a bit of food. I take a silly amount of stuff on bike rides but I don't think there is any I would leave behind. Before I ate I weighed in at 257 (252 on the return).

I'm guessing I had about 280 calories right at an hour before exercise consisting of a small bagel and 3/4 cup of yogurt. I also probably had half a bike bottle (11 oz ish) during the morning.

I took a Camelpack with about 50 ounces of water of which I took in about 34 ounces during the ride. I had an extra 24 oz bottle just in case but didn't touch it.

I figured 3 hours for the ride (40 miles ~15 mph with some reserve) is 7.5 scoops of Perpetuem (per the chart for a @ 250 lbs. dude) and filled the bottle with about 10 oz. of water. It combined pretty well as long as I shook it up well before drinking it. I took a gulp about every 15 minutes and chased it with water. The taste was fine but the texture was a little gross. Chasing people faster than me throughout the morning was hard work but I never felt out of gas. I can compare this against the first time I went ~40 miles and took 0 calories during (yes, I am a moron) the ride and bonked badly at the end.

I'm happy with the overall pace I rode and definetly happy with the gear I brought in terms of water and fuel. In fact another 40 miles I could definetly do without the camelback and instead just fill the bottle at the turnaround point.

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