Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunday is the big day

So the day of the race you can go here and somehow monitor my progress (bib number 4248) I am also going to try to Phlivunningog (phone live video running blog?) taking videos from my phone every few miles and post them to the website at ( This is easily the best idea I have ever come up with.

Monday, November 12, 2007


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The run took almost 4 hours so this could be a long post.
Garmin Data (link)

Saturday night I decided to go with some asian (rather than italian) carbo loading at the sushi bar. The kids got some other food that came with rice so I really did load up and I think from an energy standpoint I did what I could to be ready. I didn't get to bed until about 12:00 which was clearly a mistake. I think it hurt my overall energy and probably recovery but I was sort of nervous and couldn't wind down (I also got sucked into watching the classic AZ v. Gonzaga 2003 2nd round NCAA tournament game on ESPN classic).

For this long run I wen with a headband (I'm a sweaty bastard), my lightweight running jacket over a sleeveless dri fit shirt, shorts and spandex, my water belt (phone, water, energy blocks and money) and my running hat tucked in the belt for when the sun came up. I also wore my old shoes, by old I mean the pair I bought at the beginning of training. I think I have upwards of 100 miles on them and was thinking this might be their last long run.

The alarm went off at 4:30 and I snoozed at least once and after all the preparations didn't get on the road until right about 5:30. It was insanely beautiful out, not too cold and no moon so the sky was full of stars. It wasn't long before the sun started to color the sky over the Rincons which was chasing away my view of the stars so I made a minor course deviation to start heading west sooner than originally planned. This was double good because now I get the fantastic star show directly overhead and the city lights out to the west.

I did all of the climbing I was going to do in the first 3 or so miles which coincided nicely with hitting the 3 mile cruise point. I felt good and strong. I was walking at the even # miles for about 20 seconds to drink some from the water bottle. Based on past experience I can get to about 10 or 12 miles using this method. I wound up swinging through the 7-11 at Broadway and Craycroft to get a Gatorade. The lady thought I was insane when I paid with a $5 for the $1.29 bottle and didn't want the coins back. Nothing really to report up to that point but I did have a breif and terrifying bit of chest pain right around mile 12. It only lasted about 1 second but nearly doubled me over. I watched the HRM carefully for the next 5 minutes and nothing seemed amiss so I pressed on.

I brought the shot blocks and took some at roughly mile 5 and 10. The idea is that you take them aobut every hour. I skipped eating at 15 for some reason that I can't recall and I think this put me in a deficit which I'm guessing I felt in post race.

A little after 13 is where I started to get tired. At some point (I think around 16) I started taking a little water and walking a bit every mile. No muscle cramps or other problems but my feet really started to get sore from the pounding. Each time I walked it got harder and harder to start running again. In the last 1.5 miles I was walking a bit at each 1/2 mile. Running up University toward Old Main was the perfect ending. Tina and Sophia were playing in the grass waiting for me and Soph ran with me for the last little bit.

It was incredibly tough, easily the hardest exercise I've ever done. I finished in almost exactly 3:50 which beat my expectation by 10 minutes and means I may be able to get done under 5 hours for the big day.

Post race was pretty brutal. I ate grapes and bagels and drank Gatorade immediately after to replace the energy. I think I'd add some OJ or other fruit stuff like an apple. I slept for 4 hours and woke up with a horrible headache that was on again off again all the rest of the day. After muching all day, it was 11 PM before I could actually choke down some solid food.

I wasn't totally dead at the end of the run but the last 6 are going to be tough, no question about it. I think wearing my new shoes will help too as they have alot fewer miles on them. I'll be sure to take in calories at 15, 20 and maybe even 25 to prevent being so much in deficit at the end.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Longmont Training #2 - 10 Miles

Garmin (link)

It was hard to roll out of bed this morning at 4:30 again but I only hit the snooze button once and was on the road at 5 exactly. I had only a vague notion of where I was headed and started off by heading to a bridge over Left Hand creek where I turned around yesterday. I found a path running along the bridge that ran through something called a Greenway area and despite having no lights, I sorta found my way through. The path crossed back under the road my hotel was on and went on into a neighborhood where I crossed and recrossed the water several times. One of the bridges instead of having a concrete floor for the pedestrian lane had only a steel mesh substance that I KNEW was going to collapse both times I crossed it. I stopped under one bridge for a sneaky pee. I hate doing this but when needs must.... I am finding that the first 3 miles are the 'hardest' motivationally speaking. Once I get past that 3 mile barrier for some reason I can settle into a cruising mode. So with walking water breaks at even numbered miles, a pee break and a stop to make a phone call (had to cancel my ride to the office) I came very close to finishing the 10 miles at a 10 minute pace.

It was brutally cold and I was running along a creek or through parks for most of the way. I think the weatherunderground site is in town so my actual temps must have been lower. I dropped the gloves about 4 miles in and my face went numb at around 5 miles. It was so cold that the skin on my legs was still cold to the touch after about 10 minutes in the shower.


5:00 AM

5:03 AM

5:08 AM

5:13 AM

5:18 AM

5:23 AM

5:28 AM

5:30 AM

5:33 AM

5:38 AM

5:43 AM

5:48 AM

5:53 AM

5:58 AM

6:00 AM

6:03 AM

6:08 AM

6:13 AM

6:18 AM

6:23 AM

6:28 AM

6:30 AM

6:33 AM

6:38 AM

6:43 AM

6:48 AM




























Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Boulder Training #1

I'm in Boulder this week for a bunch of meetings and am due training runs of Tuesday = 5 miles, Wednesday = 10 miles, Thursday = 5. Up at 4:30 AM today to get this one in before having to meet my ride in the lobby at 6:45. I always get crap for being gadget man but today requires a load of gear: Garmin watch + HRM, Ipod Shuffle, long sleeve dri-fit shirt, windbreaker, reflective vest, nike tights (looks dead sexy and works great), dri-fit socks (the green Go-Zilla ones with the yellow monsters on them), race shoes (I have 2 pairs of the GX220...the red ones are for races), water bottle belt (water, phone and room key), knit cap and gloves.

The lady at the desk offered that I should head down to the Longmont Rec Center as they have lots of trails. Good plan except that it was pre-dawn and there were no lights so I stuck to the roads. I felt good all the way through and took off my gloves for the last 2 miles as the sweat was really building up.

Garmin Data (link)

Weatherunderground Info (link)



4:57 AM


5:02 AM


5:07 AM


5:12 AM


5:17 AM


5:22 AM


5:27 AM


5:32 AM


5:37 AM


5:42 AM


5:47 AM


5:52 AM


5:57 AM