Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tina had some more shopping to do so I tagged along with the camera to do some walkabout of the streets and get pictures of the slice of life stuff I had been driving by.  I get lots of stares here, nothing threatening ever but very frank looks of ‘wow, that guy looks funny’.  I went to a few shops and bought a coke, snacks etc.  I talked to some people and had a little sit down for tea.  1 old man stopped me while I was snapping some cows eating garbage and asked me to take his photo.  This happened fairly often, I’m not sure what the photographee gets out of it but they seem pretty pleased and aren’t shy about asking me to do it.  This particular guy gave me 10 minutes on how bad Indians are about garbage.  I took this to mean with regard to throwing trash on the street and/or the local authorities not picking it up.  He also seemed to be making a larger point that it had always been like this and always would be.  For my part I think that if you are going to have cows roaming free and want them to handle of all the organic composting for you right there on the sidewalk that’s fine but you have to figure out what to do with the plastic.  All the little bodegas sell these tiny packets that have little bits of crunchy flavored stuff.  Think sunflower seeds sold by the pinch.  The problem with them is that the wrappers are all tossed on the ground immediately after consumption.  You can’t look 10 feet in any direction without seeing brightly colored wrappers littering the street.  The old man was embarrassed and upset by this and I can’t blame him.

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